Terms & Condition

Terms & Conditions
  1. Agreed package cost may increase in case of fuel cost of Transportation increase after booking.
  2. Rooms are allotment on lottery basis in every accommodation, any request otherwise by the tourist may not entertained. If 2 or more families or groups of their acquaintances are participating in the tour, requests for adjacent rooms will not be accepted.
  3. Every Bus / Tempo Traveler seats will be rotation wise.
  4. Enrollment of child if any is mandatory. Single Occupancy Supplement charges will be extra as per the sectors will be borne by the Tourists.
  5. All tourists participating in group tours under this company are equal in the eyes of the company,
    irrespective of their social and economic status. To us every tourist is valuable and will be equally entertained by the company whether they travel for the first time/they joined us by any reference/they already travelled with us.
  6. To operate the tour successfully for the interest of the tourist the Tour Manager may change the program. Decision of the Tour Manager is final & tourist to abide the same during the tour.
  7. For sightseeing there must be specific time to start from hotel. And spot halt time will be fixed as well. If tourists do delay leaving the spot, and planned spots missed by that delay then company won’t stand responsible for the same.
  8. Kindly note that luggage should be handled and taken care of by the passenger(s) his/her/them self/selves at the Railway stations, Train and up to the or car at or near the railway station. The responsibility of the luggage completely belongs to the passengers. “Soul of Trip” is not by any means Name Mobile no. Address Email Total Person Days 9-Nights / 10-Days Arrival Date Departure Date Pickup Place Dropping Place Total Rooms Meal Plan Tour Name responsible for theft, burglary, damage or loss of luggage of the passengers. The tour Manager or any staff of “Soul of Trip” is not responsible or liable to fix the rates of the porters or negotiate with them at the railway stations or anywhere for the passengers.
  9. We are not responsible to refund or to compensate any money if the tour or any part thereof cancelled due to political insurgency, natural calamity, and cancellation of train or Situation beyond our any reason whatsoever. However in any circumstances if the tour is extended for any exigencies the extra cost thereof will have to borne by the passengers.
  10. We are not responsible to refund or to compensate any amount if the tourist fails and neglects to jointhe schedule tour or cannot complete the same for his/their personal reasons.
  11. During the tour is any adverse condition or incidents occurs or happens due to the misbehavior, any illegal act or any act that is socially not accepted by the passenger(s), Passengers concern will be the solely responsible for that occurrence or happening.
  12. All the Tourists are requested to carry photo Identity Card with them during the Tour.
  1. 22” to 24’’ Suitcase = Up to 15kg  ||  Duffle Bag (48 Ltr – 53 Ltr) = Up to 8 kg  ||  Rucksack 50 Ltr = Up to 8 kg  ||  Handbag (25 Ltr – 30 Ltr) = Up to 5 kg
  2. All the passengers are requested to carry One- 22” to 24’’ suitcase and one small handbag for a Couple. If there is a Baby / Child then 1 extra Small Duffle Bag permissible.
  3. Two- 22” to 24’’ suitcase and 1- small handbag for 3-Adults in One room will permissible.
    One- 22” to 24’’ suitcase and 2- Duffle Bag permissible for 3-Adults in One room.
**Company will not responsible for any extra luggage**

Payment System

  • Minimum 30% of tour price required as advance.​
  • 50% more will be collected before 15 days.
  • Due amount 20% have to pay within 2-days after the date of journey.

Rules For Cancellation Of Tour & Refund Thereof

We are incurring expenditure towards reservation of accommodation and car rental etc. upon registration of tour by the Tourists, as such In case of cancellation after booking refund of Amount shall be made subject to the following charges on the Principal Package Money:

  1. From the Date of Booking 30 Days before Journey date 75% refund of your advance. 
  2. From the Date of Booking 30 Days – 15 Days before Journey date 50% refund of your advance.

  3. From the Date of Booking 15 Days – 08 Days before Journey date 25% refund of your advance.
  4. No refund is admissible if the booking is canceled within 7 Days of the scheduled time of departure or thereafter

** No refund in tour price will be allowed for the untraveled portion of the tour either of sickness or any other reasons whatsoever

** No Cancellation or Booking or any Change in the voucher is acceptable over the Telephone.

***Please note that: However no cancellation charge, would be levied if the Particular Tour is cancelled by

** Any request for the consideration of “CANCELLATION RULES” will not be entertained

  1. If any tour is cancel due to Govt. Regulation / Any natural disasters in tourist place then full advance money will be adjusted in tourist’s next same tour. The advance money will not be adjusted in any other tour.
  2. If any tourist postpone their himself / herself then 75% of their advance money will adjusted in their upcoming same tour. And 25% of their advance money will be Non-refundable.
  3. If tourists cancel their tour within 14-days of their journey, 100% of the advance payment will not be refunded or any subsequent tour adjustment will be made.