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Traveling and connecting with people and places is so essential to us that it is the reason Soul of Trip exists.

We feel that travel expands the mind and alters one’s perspective. You gain a better capacity to empathise with diverse circumstances and individuals because of the people you interact and the adventures you experience.

The greatest way to experience about the India and how it operates is to travel. Our travel and employment experiences have brought us to where we are now, as well as Welcome to Travel’s Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and Values.


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Utpal Datta

Utpal Datta is the first name that comes to mind when one thinks of travelling to Himachal, Ladakh & Kashmir also. He is not just a Hotelier. He is a trekker and wanderlust for whom nature is the oxygen of survival. So Utpal Datta is just a name but he is a trust in Himachal, Ladakh and Kashmir tour. Any lane, any turn is at his finger tips. From this place of trust, today his spread his wings in North Bengal, Rajasthan and Kerala. Soul Of Trip is the company he created. The main purpose of which is to establish peace of mind of the travelers.

Abhirup Roy Gupta

Avirup Roy Gupta is the company's co-founder and one of Utpal Datta's confidants. A man of eloquence helps to guide the company's tour beautifully. He arranges North Bengal and Rajasthan tours on behalf of that company. He runs a tour according to the situation. So that travelers are feeling safe with this guy. He is also a trustworthy man of "Soul of Trip" that knows he is the best in any situation.

Harry Singh​

Harry Singh was born and brought up in Himachal. He is one of the front leader of soul of trip. Utpal datta truly trust him in subject to tour operate in himachal and spiti sector. He is sincere ,smart,brisk in nature.

Golu Singh

Golu Singh is spontaneous, explicit, funky young man who is trustworthy helping hand of soul of trip. young generation want him so much because of his appearance and entertainment attitude.

Stanzin Choskap

Stanzin was born and brought up in Ladakh. He is one of the front leader of the Soul of Trip. Utpal Datta truly trusts him in subject to tour operation in Leh & Ladakh sector. He is sincere, smart, and brisk in nature.


Utpal Dutta

Harry Singh

Golu Singh


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Excellent service for Himachal. Utpal has arranged our Himachal Spiti Valley tour with our 8members. really there was not a single complaint about him n his agency..will be contacted let’s go in the near future for Kashmir.

Sima Mandal

Fantastic experience at a reasonable price..Hotels were well maintained with lovely staffs and hospitalities.. Thank u Utpal Da and Let’s Go Travel for guiding us ❤️❤️This would be the best tour I have ever visited and its memories will remain in my heart forever…

Saswati Das

Highly recommended …. Very flexible… Hotels are also good… Utpal Dutta da is a very nice, humble, and honest guy ….. You can blindly depend on Let’s go Travels …

Tilak Mitra